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Just Faith – 103ft Broward
Mass email sent out to all family members and friends by Mr. Kevin Faith
November 28th 2011

I would like all to know about Marlon and his company CYM.

We always had captains which managed our boat , in the past.

But now we have Management.

You have proven to know exactly what our boat needs, wants, and the
solid changes it may need. A big difference, where we may even have had big losses and lost the boat.

Marlon has been very technical and educative to us for the changes he has made and is still making….amending literally everything. His scrutiny is impeccable. His love of his work is unquestionable, but most importantly, he would go out of his way in buying, fixing, and/or replacing things with the least cost. His emails bombard us with every step that he takes, so much so that we feel very secure under his management umbrella.

I will be sending two more enclosures of his reports to us, which will give you a further insight to his deligent mannerism of being in control of our boat. Whenever I visit the boat, I feel that it is new and it made Jenny
and I buy three more small Britto’s to beautify the internal decor.

Credit goes to Captain Doug Wernick who introduced him to us…..I wished he had done that earlier.

Kevin Faith, Faith Investment Properties
“Amphitrite”- 68ft Viking

May 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

For my husband, Bill, and I the decision to buy our Viking 68, Amphitrite, was easy. She seemed to be the perfect boat for us. The difficult part of the equation was the decision to leave her in Ft Lauderdale while we resided full time in Houston. We wanted to enjoy the ability to hop to the Bahamas for a long weekends and leaving Amphitrite in Ft. Lauderdale would give us that option. Our next big challenge was to find someone to trust to take care of her while we were hundreds of miles away?

I am sure many of you reading this testimonial will think I am going to jump right to Contemporary Yacht Management and begin singing their praises. I can’t. I can’t because we entrusted our yacht to someone else for eight months and were at the point of considering either selling her or bringing her back to Houston because it was becoming a nightmare. That is when I went on the search for someone else to manage our boat. Understanding what can go wrong now, we were very apprehensive about being able to find someone we could trust. We interviewed 3 companies and decided upon Marlon Knox. He “IS” Contemporary Yacht Management.

Marlon’s attention to detail and transparency about everything that happens to Amphitrite not only put our minds at ease about leaving her in Ft. Lauderdale, but brought back our ability to enjoy our boat. He is extremely knowledgeable about not only boats, but the marine industry in general. He is efficient, effective and cost-conscience. He is well connected with every resource possible.

I can’t say enough good things about Marlon and my husband and I would welcome a personal conversation about our experience to anyone considering his services.

Angie and Bill Zartler

After 12 years of managing an array of different makes models and sizes of yachts, we can with confidence state that 90% of all owners only use their vessels about 3 to 10 weeks out of a year, and in some cases have even skipped a year.

If a yacht owner cannot or does not wish to drive his own vessel, an experienced certified captain is a very important part of the equation.

A full time Captains monthly salary can vary depending on his experience and other marine qualifications/certifications, however they tend to average about $1000 per ft a year. An example would be if you had 60 ft yacht you could expect to be paying about $60k a year or $5k a month. (Do not forget the other mandatory expenses like mooring, utilities and insurance.)

Certified Captains all tend to share this same “title” however they do NOT all share the same abilities when it comes to maintaining a yacht.

Understanding the “rules of the road’, navigating the high seas etc etc …yes in most cases, however mechanical or electrical expertise can vary from being of a high level to almost zero. One will also find that certain Captains do not or will not wash down a vessel, or do oil changes or dive down to scrub the barnacles off the bottom. A captain that will personally perform all the required work to keep a yacht maintained are few and far between, thus yacht owners often find themselves having to pay sub-contracted companies to perform services they thought their captain would be doing. With the above said a yacht owners budget could start being over spent starting in the very first month.

At CYM Yacht Management and Maintenance we do all the necessary work needed to maintain your vessel for a low monthly fee.

We are associated with multiple free-lance Captains who do not wish to work full time on one vessel and work for a daily rate, thus you only pay for the days that you need one to either deliver your vessel to a specific location, or to spend an entire week or two, with you moving from one location to another.

CYM can manage and maintain your vessel for about one third the cost of a full time captains salary alone, thus you should realize why it makes sense to hire CYM to manage and maintain your vessel.